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Parkersburg, WV


Avery Historic District is a national historic district located within ParkersburgWood County, West Virginia.  It is to the east of the Julia-Ann Square Historic District and south of the Parkersburg High School-Washington Avenue Historic District. Primarily residential, it encompasses 109 acres and includes churches, a school and a small commercial area.  Built as Parkersburg's first "suburb" in the late-19th and early-20th century in popular architectural style such as Colonial Revival and Queen Anne, the district exhibits 12 distinctive types of Historic architecture.  There are 358 contributing buildings, 59 of which are considered to be pivotal.  U.S. Senator Johnson N. Camden (1826-1908) owned most of the land now included in the district.

Mission as a Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization

The purpose of the Avery Historic District Community Association is to encourage and aid in the restoration, preservation, rehabilitation and conservation of historically significant structures and protect neighborhood character.  The association also helps protect the historic district from potentially adverse influences which may cause the decline, decay or total destruction of historical, architectural and archaeological features, which are a part of the City’s heritage.  This is based on the belief that our surroundings should have a human scale, a pedestrian orientation, visual variety and texture and areas of green space and trees.  It is the belief that owners and residents of properties within historic districts are stewards of an important part of history.  Funds and efforts generated by the non-profit are put to work within the existing bounds of the Avery Historic District focusing on buildings listed as contributing or pivotal in addition to projects that benefit the community as a whole.  

The Avery Historic District Community Association improves and enhances the quality of life in the community by renewing pride and promoting community awareness, fostering cooperative efforts among neighbors, businesses, public officials and other organizations.  Structured volunteer efforts are completed by citizens who reside in the district as well as the greater area, offering opportunities for those who want to make a difference.  A monthly members' meeting gives residents an opportunity to become more involved in their community. 

The Avery Historic District Community Association hosts a variety of educational opportunities designed to enrich knowledge of preservation and maintenance of historic buildings.  Properties within the district may be used for various workshops, with work being completed to the property at little or no cost.  The Community Association will also sponsor informational workshops that discuss affordable housing programs available through the City of Parkersburg.  

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.Avery Historic District Community Association d/b/a Avery Historic District

P. O. Box 2023

Parkersburg, WV  26102-2023

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization   TAX ID: 83-1289478

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