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Avery Historic District was officially listed on the National Register in 1986.  It wasn't until 2018 when this community came together and created a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Since that time the District has been busy with growing its foundation and membership, cleaning up neighborhood streets and fundraising in order to bring about and sustain a long lasting and meaningful historic district.  The District has been proactive in keeping with cultivating preservation, such as creating an Architectural Review Board in conjunction with the City to aid residents in combining preservation and remodeling.    

Fundraising isn't totally about raising money.  It is about our historic District's mission, which is to support what matters:  communities, historical preservation, people.  The work that the District is doing is helping just that.  

Specifically, the District is raising funds to promote historic character by fostering a sense of unity and neighborhood collaboration along with community service for the District, including educating residents about the history of the District.  When you donate today your gift sustains projects within the District, such as historically designed entry pillars and other projects to support a safe and growing historic district.   


              Make a donation, make a historical difference. -

Support the historical District by making a tax deductible donation today.  Mail your name, address and donation to:    

Avery Historic District Community Association
P. O. Box 2023
Parkersburg, WV  26102-2023

Tax I.D. No. 83-1289478
Or simply click on the Donate button below to quickly and easily contribute. 

The District is so appreciative of your gift to history!

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