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very Historic District


Quincy Park

903 Quincy Street, Parkersburg, WV

Quincy Park 1.jpg


Hours:  7AM to 11PM

Land Area:   3.6 Acres

Park Amenities:

Small Basketball Court



City Overlook

Quincy Park is a quaint park in the historic Quincy Hill area located within the Avery Historic District.  It offers outdoor recreation and nature preservation.  A public space, the park offers open spaces under the maintenance of the Parkersburg Parks Department.  One way to get to the top of the hill is to climb the 150+ stairs leading up from Avery Street, which is a common trail for exercise enthusiasts.  

Once known as Prospect Hill, Quincy was the site of one of the worst disasters in the region.  On March 19, 1909 two water towers on top of Quincy Hill burst and released two million gallons of water, causing a sudden flood that claimed the lives of three nearby residents.  The park is now located on the site of the water tanks.

Originally known as Prospect Hill, the area of Quincy Hill Park was used as a tent hospital during the Civil War.  It was actually one of five Civil War hospitals that sprung up in the area during the war years.  This tent-city operation was home for 500-1000 sick and wounded soldiers.  It was where the African American and Irish immigrant soldiers were sent.  

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